REPOST // The big questions – No. 3: How much?!

Today’s question revolves around the vulgar subject of money.  While the hire of a makeup artist is properly going to be your least expensive purchase, a lot of brides are still curious to know what they’re getting for their money.  A fair question.  So without further ado:

1. Training.  Any makeup artist worth his/her salt will have received a level of training when starting to develop their necessary skills and will continue this training whether by attending more courses, events or seminars to expand these expertise.

2. Experience.  This is probably the main factor in how much a makeup artist will charge.  Over the four years I have been in the wedding industry, I have worked with many different bridal clients, their bridesmaids and mothers – meaning I have experience working with different skin types, ethnicity and varying ages.  I know what will look gorgeous on a bride in her 20’s and sophisticated on a lady in her 60’s and the differences required in products and technique.

3. The makeup kit.  I spend about 80% of any earnings on maintaining my makeup kit.  This includes regularly purchasing new products, replacing short term usage products such as mascaras, the constant buying of false eyelashes and maintaining the brushes.

4. Travel.  Not the most glamorous part of the job but obviously a necessity.  Please note I would be more than happy to travel to your wedding if you’re getting married in the Bahamas!

5. And finally, you wouldn’t believe the time I spend filling out paperwork! x

REPOST//The big questions – No. 1: Should you hire a makeup artist for your wedding?

Yes, the big question… should you hire a makeup artist for your wedding?  It’s a question every bride puts to themselves – shortly followed by the follow up question… or can I get away with it myself?  Often I think the answer is in the ‘get away with’ part.  Do you really want your wedding makeup to be something you ‘get away with’?  If you’re at that stage of questioning, then here are my top 5 reasons for booking a professional make up artist for your wedding.

1. Your wedding day is not a day for ‘everyday’ makeup.  You’re going to be photographed all day – and not just by a professional wedding photographer.  Remember your friends and family are all equipped with cameras too.  Whether it’s for photographs using natural or flash photography or meeting your guests in sunshine or by candlelight, professionally applied makeup will translate well to all mediums.

2. Do you have a million different bridal looks on Pinterest and still can’t decide what to choose?  A makeup artist can translate these looks, picking out key elements that will compliment your wedding gown, hairstyle, theme and colour scheme.

3. Makeup artists know skin (!) and we can help identify the areas that may become an issue on the big day.  For example, that patch of dry skin or the potential breakout that you don’t know how to deal with?  We can quickly analyse the condition of the skin and give you advice on the steps you could take to avoid future problems.  It’s just one less thing to worry about… and it’s all part of the service.

4. Much as I hate to admit it, weddings can be stressful!  And no one would blame you for feeling a bit nervous on the big day.  Having a makeup artist means there will always be a steady hand to apply that cat flick eyeliner or tackle those false eyelashes.  And we’ll always have a tissue nearby as well in case things get a bit teary!

5. OK, and this is the big one: hiring a makeup artist is not cheap!  But you’ve spent oodles on that gorgeous wedding venue and catering, an eye watering amount on that perfect wedding gown… why skimp on yourself?  It is your wedding after all!  This is your chance to be pampered by the professionals so sit back and enjoy it!

Winter Wedding Dates Available

Hello lovely people!  I still have the odd winter wedding date still available to book if you want to email and confirm any of the below.  As always you can either use the contact form on my website, or send me an email to

Saturday 17th November | Saturday 24th November | Saturday 29th December | Saturday 5th January Saturday 12th January


Please note that I will be away on a course from 15th-18th January and will have limited access to my emails and phone.  So if you’re looking to enquire and book in then feel free to send me a quick message before then to x

The deposit and you…

So what do you actually get for your deposit? Here’s a little breakdown of the benefits of booking early and securing your wedding date with me.

Book out the entire day! I will not book another wedding on your special day – meaning my full attention is focused on you for however long you need me.

Receive a bridal makeup trial approximately 6 weeks before the wedding. This is an opportunity to meet, discuss & trial your bespoke design.

Complimentary glass of prosecco, or non alcoholic tropical fruit juice with mint available at your makeup trial (if held at my studio)

Complimentary false eyelashes for you and your bridal party for both trial & wedding day x

I would like to enquire and book in for my wedding date…what do I do?

If you want to make an enquiry as to availability, or to simply ask a question about your wedding makeup -then there a lots of ways you can contact me for your convenience or preferred method.  The easiest way is to use my Contact Form here which has various drop down menus and options.  It also allows you to specify your wedding venue, which is particularly useful for me as I can take into account any travelling involved and plan ahead of your wedding day.  I am also available on email at

Or if you prefer to drop me a more informal message you can use my other social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook

I always endeavour to get back to any client, through any method straight away – as I know with a wedding you want to plan and get something booked in straight away (tick those boxes!)

If I do have your wedding free, I pencil in your date and make sure I do not book anyone else in – unless the times are sufficiently apart.  I then have to ask for a £70 non refundable deposit to confirm your wedding date in my diary (to avoid any ‘hogging’ of dates)  We can then discuss potential makeup trial dates and times to suit you.

Then it’s just for me to see you at the makeup trial! x

Jo Hicks Flowers…a wedding florist like no other

I have known Jo for about three years now and I am always surprised at what beautiful creations she has made.  Inspiring me all the time to want to grow this rose, or that peony in my garden just so I can piece together that bit of perfection for myself.  She’s so talented and boy does she know her stuff!  Not just what is trending right now on the wedding flower circuit, but also what’s install for the following year – always keeping her finger on the pulse…which believe me, is a real talent.

Jo is also incredibly nice and you always just want to talk to her forever.  She works hard to understand exactly what you want from your wedding flowers, and puts into words what you can’t express or what you don’t know.  She is also amazing at making suggestions you might not have thought of like beautiful candles, or tiny flower jars attached to chairs down the aisle (my personal favourite)

Jo is just an immensely talented lady, and what’s more she is a champion of local wedding suppliers – the best of all of us x

291-Art Deco-150316-7453

Flowers by Jo Hicks Flowers Photography by Lemontree Photography

Lauren & Shaun…a summer wedding like no other in Fleet, Hampshire

One day I was contacted in the middle of the night by bride Lauren from all the way from Dubai, who is originally from Fleet in Hampshire.  Lauren and her now husband Shaun, had decided to have a small vintage tea party style wedding back home in Fleet with just close family, so I was very flattered to be asked to be involved in this very intimate wedding.  Lauren was flying in with just a short amount of time so we quickly had a bridal makeup trial on the Monday and the wedding was the Tuesday!

After talking to Lauren, we decided upon a light pink/ half smokey eye with a nice clean lined upper lid and false eyelashes from Eylure in Sexy Senorita.  We weren’t helped by the fact Tuesday was the hottest day of the year, meaning we were all incredibly hot!  So making sure the makeup lasted and wasn’t too heavy was a must.

I loved doing Lauren’s bridal makeup and can’t wait to do her makeup in December when she fly’s in again x

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