This March I was lucky enough to be asked to provide hair and makeup for a very special and unique styled shoot, organised by the lovely Nikki of The Toast Events. After seeing her concept mood-board I literally jumped at the chance to be involved, and couldn’t wait to design something suitably ethereal to match the style.

And now this gorgeous shoot is currently being featured on Whimsical Wonderland Weddings! Do check out the full shoot details here x

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UPDATE // Last Saturday weekend wedding dates available for 2019!

Last 2019 weekend wedding dates available for either hair, and or makeup! Email hello@francesmooremua.co.uk or use the contact form on my website to book any of these remaining dates x

Saturday 30th November | Saturday 14th December | Saturday 21st December | Saturday 28th December

MORE hair training with Katy Djokic of The Bridal Stylists

I’ll fully admit I don’t know everything about hairstyling. Products, techniques and styles change. That’s why I totally believe stylists need to constantly be seeking more. More knowledge and experience is so valuable in this industry, plus it’s so much fun and such a buzz connecting with others all striving to learn x

UPDATE // Last WEEKEND wedding dates available for 2019

These are the last weekend wedding dates available for 2019. Some weekday dates are still available to book. Simply contact me either via my contact form on my website, or by emailing directly at hello@francesmooremua.co.uk

Saturday 26th October | Saturday 30th November | Saturday 14th December | Saturday 21st December | Saturday 28th December

Hair training with Katy Djokic of The Bridal Stylists

Yesterday I had the enormous pleasure of training with Katy Djokic of the famed Bridal Stylists workshops. It was a lovely calm day spent listening to Prince & Kate Bush whilst learning some new skills, and freshening up some old ones. The whole day was spent learning ‘Modern Up-styles’ and next week I will be attending Katy’s ‘Boho Styles’ course. Can’t wait to learn more to transfer these to my clients x

Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins – TEST!

Product description…

‘Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins are the tasty way to ensure you are getting the essential vitamins for, faster hair growth. We created this product for people who find it hard to swallow tablets but still want longer, stronger healthier hair.

Hairburst provides a different approach to hair maintenance, a professional product that works from the inside out, our chewable vitamins contain the vital ingredient for hair growth including Biotin, Selenium, Zinc, B5, B6 & B12

Our chewable hair vitamins work to combat the negative impact daily lives can have on your hair. We are all guilty of committing hair sins, whether that’s not having your nutrition on point, over styling with heat or chemicals , excessive dying or just simply age and genetics. We’re here to help’

So I am giving these babies a go to see if they actually do make a difference to hair health and growth. Watch this space for my big review…

REPOST // 6 things to consider if wanting an ‘up-do’ hairstyle for your wedding

When deciding on your ‘bridal style’ it can be really difficult to determine what you do and don’t like.  Instagram and Pinterest are filled with ideas that can make choosing all the more tiresome.  Below is my simple guide to help you cut through all the chaff, and really decide on want you want.  I use these questions myself to pin-point what my client does want, without them even realising it x

1. Do you prefer your hair up or down?  It’s a really simply question but you would be surprised how often this gets over looked.  If you are comfortable with having your hair down most days, then having an up-do can feel exposing and not natural.  Likewise, if you often have your hair up – leaving it down can make you feel hot and bothered.  So consider how you naturally behave with your hair day-to-day.

2. What’s your wedding gown like?  Does your gown have a high neck with detailing at the back – do you want this exposed or covered by your hair?  Alternatively, does it have a long back – therefore do you want your hair to fall onto your bare back?

3. What is your hair colour like?  Clients often bring me images of looks they love of hair up – and what do all of them have in common?  The model almost always has blonde or blonde highlighted hair, when in fact the client stood in front of me has deep brown hair.  They love the style because with blonde hair you can clearly make out the detail in the design – that gorgeous braid or pulled out twist.  It’s sad but true that in darker coloured hair this detail gets lost, so either consider a different style with similar colouring to your own, or take the plunge and book in for highlights.

4. What’s the weather likely to be?  If you’re getting married in peak heat wave season then you’ll want to minimise the risk of curls falling out, or frizzy hair sticking to your back so an up-do is your perfect style ticket.  Likewise, if you’re having your wedding during cooler climates, then gorgeous cascading curls is the perfect choice to keep a tad warmer.

5. Are you having a veil, hair accessorie, flower grown or alice band placed in your hair?  Generally speaking veils work better on hair that is down, due to the fact that the sheer weight of the veil can knock the air out of a wispy up-do.  A sturdy low bun is often better if wanting both.

Modern hair accessories are usually made in mind of how they are going to be placed in the hair for a either an up-do or down-do.  I can highly recommend the following retailers that have been carefully designed to with-stand the pressure of both.  Kelly Spence / Victoria Fergusson / Donna Crain

6.  And lastly… is your hair long enough, thick enough, has enough texture for the style you want?  9 times out of 10 the styles on Pinterest have been achieved using hair extensions.  It’s a well known trade secret.  This makes it incredibly hard for brides to realise their expectation is not completely realistic.  Luckily, hair extensions exist for everyone to buy- so if you really want that ka-bow style we can achieve it! x

So about last week… Training with Jo Irving of Jo Loves Hair

I had the enormous pleasure of training with Jo Irving of Lovehair for 4 days.  Refreshing some old skills and learning new ‘fashion forward’ techniques to really up my hair game.  I can’t wait on starting to introduce these to my bridal clients.

Peace, Love & Awesome Hair ✌️

How I ensure a successful hair & makeup trial…

After having a quick chat over a nice cup of tea – I like to really get to know my client’s personal style to be able to conduct a successful hair, and or makeup trial.  Asking a client to show me any images of looks that have caught their eye, or by showing me a picture of their wedding gown and general look for flowers, really helps to gauge what I think they like and are drawn to.  Are they a classic soft feminine bride or a wild bohemian trailblazer?  Do they love the feel of a full face of makeup, or are they a minimal makeup kinda gal?

We’ve had a bullet-point sess and seen plenty of images.  What’s next?  Well, I firstly like to discuss what I think will suit the vibe of the day, realistic expectations (no one really likes this bit!)  And what colours and products I will use to achieve that look.  If the client is happy with all of this then I will begin.

After I have finished creating the design – I always get the client to have a good thorough look in the mirror, firstly in part-shade and then I allow my client to freely move around and see the makeup in a different light.  This is especially important if the wedding is going to be an outdoor ceremony, as often this will be in very contrasting lights.

As the trial is an open forum which I fully encourage, I get the client to tell me what they do and don’t like about the hair, and or makeup design.  This is SO important as often I won’t get it fully right the first time.  Something which is quite surprising to clients and which I feel isn’t fully discussed openly enough by professionals.  Sometimes I get it terrible wrong on the first attempt!  This can happen when a client has got a particular image in mind of exactly what they want, but reality versus the internet is often hard to swallow.  Also, whilst a client has been looking at different images and kind of knows what they want – the trial is the first time we would have met and so I need to get into your head and pluck out your hidden ideas.  Bear with me though as I will get it right next time!

But how do I do this if a second trial isn’t an option?  Well I rely on good old fashion notes!  By noting down how the client’s skin reacts to makeup application and what suits them best, along with the different products I have used provides a clear client history.  And after the client has advised of preferences, or changes to the design it all goes into the note book for next time.

So don’t panic if your first trial hasn’t gone to plan!  Trust me, next time it will be bang on groovy x