MORE hair training with Katy Djokic of The Bridal Stylists

I’ll fully admit I don’t know everything about hairstyling. Products, techniques and styles change. That’s why I totally believe stylists need to constantly be seeking more. More knowledge and experience is so valuable in this industry, plus it’s so much fun and such a buzz connecting with others all striving to learn x

Hair training with Katy Djokic of The Bridal Stylists

Yesterday I had the enormous pleasure of training with Katy Djokic of the famed Bridal Stylists workshops. It was a lovely calm day spent listening to Prince & Kate Bush whilst learning some new skills, and freshening up some old ones. The whole day was spent learning ‘Modern Up-styles’ and next week I will be attending Katy’s ‘Boho Styles’ course. Can’t wait to learn more to transfer these to my clients x

Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins – TEST!

Product description…

‘Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins are the tasty way to ensure you are getting the essential vitamins for, faster hair growth. We created this product for people who find it hard to swallow tablets but still want longer, stronger healthier hair.

Hairburst provides a different approach to hair maintenance, a professional product that works from the inside out, our chewable vitamins contain the vital ingredient for hair growth including Biotin, Selenium, Zinc, B5, B6 & B12

Our chewable hair vitamins work to combat the negative impact daily lives can have on your hair. We are all guilty of committing hair sins, whether that’s not having your nutrition on point, over styling with heat or chemicals , excessive dying or just simply age and genetics. We’re here to help’

So I am giving these babies a go to see if they actually do make a difference to hair health and growth. Watch this space for my big review…

Last weekend wedding dates for 2019…

Email or use my contact form on my website to book any of these remaining weekend wedding dates for 2019.  Mid-week dates are still available! x

Saturday 9th March | Saturday 16th March | Saturday 20th April | Saturday 29th June | Saturday 27th July | Saturday 21st September


Last minute wedding dates…

Last minute wedding dates available for hair, and or makeup – email to book or send me a DM.
Saturday 22nd December | Sunday 23rd December | Saturday 29th December | Sunday 30th December | Saturday 5th January | Sunday 6th January

Loose bridesmaid curls – a simple and pretty style

Throughout this Spring season I am finding that more bridesmaids (and brides for that matter) are favouring a more loose, beachy tousled style for the big day.  And I for one LOVE this design.  It’s relatively simple to achieve, a little time consuming, but the pay off is so worth it.  This sort of style does suit lighter hair as the layers are easy to distinguish and the waves are a lot more visible.  What’s also great about this look is that is it then very easy to put up into a half up half down twist – that way adding a comb or flowers is easy and very effective x

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Hair Masks – How to apply and which one to use

Whether you have coloured, dry, damaged or fragile hair – it is important to use the right product to repair and nourish from the roots to the ends.  A hair mask doesn’t necessarily have to be something you use every once in a while: why not make it a part of your hair routine?  How often you should use a hair mask depends on your hair type.  Ideally, you should use it every time you wash your hair, but once a week is ok.  Either way, alternate with leave-in treatments to untangle your hair in no time.  If you have really dry or frizzy hair, you will need to give it lots of TLC!  I therefore advise you to apply a hair mask regularly and leave it on overnight wrapped in a towel.  When you wake up, your hair will be silk and soft.

A hair mask should be applied to washed and towel-dried hair.  Spread the cream evenly throughout your hair, piece by piece.  Massage the product in from the roots to the tips then comb through your hair with your fingers.  To optimise the mask’s effects, cover your head with a hot towel for at least 10 minutes.  That way, the mask is in direct contact with your scalp so it can be absorbed more easily.  Leave the mask on for up to 20 minutes, depending on your hair’s condition.  Lather with cool water before rinsing gently.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

How to wedding prep your hair like a Princess…

Kate Middleton has become most famous for her beautiful glossy, long thick hair with many a client asking for the ‘Middleton’ in hair salons up and down the country.  But how does she do it?  Well, here are a few secrets to achieving that very same healthy shine for your wedding day x

1. Start to deep condition the hair at least six months before the wedding.  Go for products that are meant for repair like Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask – these sorts of masks are brilliant at putting back moisture and life into your mane.  Use them at least once a week.

2.  Try to start putting together an idea of what you want for your wedding hair either by making a collage or Pinterest board.  Now, do you need to grow/colour or cut your hair to gain that style?  If you do then start making plans to be able to achieve the style you want.

3.  If your hair colour needs a little fine tuning then think about root touch-ups or subtle highlights around this time too.  That way the colour has time to develop and for it to feel like ‘you’.  Don’t book in a colour appointment too close to the wedding.  Instead, have your last colour about four weeks in advance.  And always think about going lighter not darker, as this will lift your features and compliment your gown.

4.  Start taking onboard more water, fruit and vegetables along with a daily hair supplement such as Hairburst Chewable Heart Hair Vitamins.  Not only will this help to plump the skin and reduce wrinkles, but will also encourage your hair to grow and become thicker.  Always consult your GP before taking any supplements.

5.  Book in for a hair trial.  Take the opportunity to experiment with different styles and remember to bring your wedding hair accessories including a veil if required.  once your happy with the style, take loads of pictures on your phone to remember the hairstyle and get excited!! x

Latest Dates Available for Spring 2018

Calling all Spring 2018 brides!  Looking for a modern professional makeup artist for your wedding?  Get in touch at to book – latest dates available are listed below x

Sunday 15th April | Sunday 29th April | Saturday 5th May | Sunday 20th May | Sunday 3rd June

Image Albert Palmer Wedding Photography | Venue Burley Manor | Makeup Frances Moore MUA

Frances Moore Makeup Artist & Trainee Hairstylist!

I am now in my fifth year of being a bridal makeup artist.  I trained much earlier and qualified in 2011, but it wasn’t until I did my own wedding makeup and then a friends in 2011 & 12 that I decided wedding makeup was definitely the route to take for me.

And now, with a wealth of experience behind me and a lot to be proud of in terms of brilliant weddings I have worked on, numerous publications and working with big names in the industry – I have now decided to train in bridal hair.  It’s taken me a while to arrive at this step, believe me!  When I originally trained as a makeup artist we did touch upon hair, but it never really gripped me the way makeup did.  Now I wish I had paid more attention as now (with a few more wise years added to my age!) I see that hair can be as creative as makeup, and definitely as effective.

So I am very excited to be adding this next step to my skill set.  Keep watching to view my progress! x