REPOST // Bridesmaid makeup design – keeping it young and fresh

I love doing bridesmaids makeup – although I do have to say there is a tendency for bridesmaid’s to ask for a deeply smokey eye and big brows for their wedding look.  While I do love a big brow & smokey design this look will not suit every occasion, and in some circumstances, will clash dramatically with their outfits.  An alternative which I think works really well is a nice light brown eye – neatly lined with a pencil that has a slight sparkle to it.  This just subtly brings the eyes out, whilst not detracting from the bride’s own makeup design.  It seems to always work for younger bridesmaids, as it keeps their glowing youth whilst giving them a little something extra.

Something which I have as my own personal ethos as a makeup artist is I will NEVER cover freckles up.  There are 2 reasons for this.  1)  Your freckles are apart of you and should be celebrated like everything else about who you are.  To cover them should be a criminal offence as freckles are super cute!  2)  Covering up freckles using foundation can result in the skin looking over-done and the foundation looking milky over them, so I vow never to do it!

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B r i d e s m a i d // L o v e

Oh I do love designing a bridesmaid look for a wedding! This gorgeous gal is part of Sian’s supportive girl gang for her wedding today in Beaulieu – with everyone getting ready at the lovely The Crown Manor House Hotel in Lyndhurst x

Makeup Frances Moore MUA | Hair Bridal Hair Hampshire By Michelle Crosser | Flower The Wild Fox

Preparing for your bridal/bridesmaid makeup trial…

It’s really important to take some time before your bridal makeup trial, to prepare yourself before your makeup artist arrives.  Simple things like wearing a white or ivory top, having a mood board of images or even just thoroughly cleansing the face all helps to make the trial flow for both parties.  It’s also good to bear in mind that a makeup artist is just that – an artist.  So you will have an expert using and applying a certain degree of product to the skin – perhaps more so than you are ordinarily used to.  Don’t be alarmed though, it’s universal knowledge in the make artistry world that the ‘natural flawless’ look actually takes more patience and accuracy than most designs.

What I would say about mood boards, or pin boards, is to be careful with what you are choosing and what you wish to show & describe to your wedding makeup artist.  Quite often I get shown a very strong editorial shot and get told to recreate that exact look – only for the bride to feel quite overdone and not themselves.  Which is totally not what I or the client wants.  So try and find images with ‘real’ brides and not an editorial shot from a bridal magazine as an example.

Wearing a light, ivory, champagne or just as close a match to your wedding dress colour as possible is a must for your bridal makeup trial.  It will show you how the makeup balances that difficult hue, working for both photographic images and real life close up.  Also you have to imagine how your hair, accessories and dress with all combine together to create that finished look – something which is very hard to imagine when in jeans and a t-shirt! x



Who is the makeup trial for?

Having a makeup trial is so vitally important for a bride, as it allows you to express yourself through designing your own bespoke bridal look.  It also allows you to get an idea of what the makeup will look like on the wedding day, so that you can piece together what the hairstyle will be like teamed, or perhaps even what the wedding gown will be like sited next to these elements.  I personally treat the trial as a completely open forum where any idea and opinion is welcome, as I would hate to feel like a client couldn’t say anything even if they didn’t like it!

Saying this I would say also that a bridal makeup trial should just be for a bride – it’s your wedding day after all.  I often see brides stressed out or wearing themselves thin because they are trying to organise when this bridesmaid is available, or when that bridesmaid is coming down from wherever they live just for the makeup trial.  Don’t get me wrong it’s nice having your friend there to give a second opinion, or just to be there for support – but really I often feel that it’s just nice for the bride to sit back, relax and have a laid back chat about what they’re after in terms of makeup without worrying about the bridesmaids.  It also saves on the pennies…!!