REPOST // Tips for getting those ‘wedding prep’ photographs just right…

I am completely fascinated by ‘wedding prep’ images.  Whenever I receive pics from photographers I always go to these first as you can’t help but be drawn to these initial glimpses.  Wedding photographers all seem to have this amazing ability to get creative with the placement of shoes, flowers and especially with the wedding bands.  I’ve seen rings placed on strawberries, peaches, on shoe heels and even in a conker shell!  It’s bonkers, but my word does it work!  Here are a few tips for making sure everything is ready for your wedding preps x

1.  If getting ready at your house, parents or even the venue try and make sure the space you have allocated for hair & beauty is kept clear of suitcases and clutter.  Make sure there is no ‘litter’ like left over breakfast or lunch empties, as these do not photograph well in the background.

2.  If it’s in the budget try and source a pretty, chic kimono or elegant bath robe that photographs nicely.  You can always treat the bridesmaids to the same, or slightly different kimono so you all look beautifully paired.  This will look so much better than being photographed in your cosy PJ’s that may have seen better days!

3.  Get one of your bridesmaids or mother to have your shoes, veil or hair piece, jewellery, wedding gown, perfume and wedding rings laid out somewhere safe for the photographer to literally pick up as soon as they arrive to take and photograph.  That way you won’t be rushing around trying to find all these.

Lip service – how to get your lips in tip top condition for the big day

Dry cracked lips are not very attractive at the best of times, and you definitely don’t want chapped peeling lips on your wedding day!  You want that bridal lipstick shade to glide across the lips and not fall into any gaps, or just rudimentarily cover the poor condition your lips have got into.  If you’re one that suffers particularly badly from dry, flaky chapped lips – then start to begin the resurrection of your kisser as soon as possible and follow these easy steps to lip kissing heaven.

1. First begin with regularly exfoliating the lips once a week with a natural scrub.  This will immediately get rid of any flakes and help to smooth and soften the texture of the lips, which is key to opening the skin up for the next stage, moisturising.  Exfoliating also has the added advantage of encouraging blood to the surface which in turn then speeds up the healing process along the lips.

My favourite product: Lush Lip Scrub in Bubblegum

2. Don’t be tempted to pick, chew or gnaw at your lips.  It’s a really easy habit to fall into when bored and frustrated at the condition of the skin.  But believe me you’ll just do more damage and have to spend even longer on waiting for the skin to heal.  This is when a visual aid helps; just imagine you on your wedding day with beautiful makeup and smooth, kissable lips in a gorgeous lip shade.  Now imagine the same thing but with dry chapped lips… I know which one I would prefer!

3. When it comes to my skincare I always go by my mum’s saying ‘if in doubt, moisturise’ and I have yet to be let down by this advice.  Do not underestimate the power moisturising has, even if you have oily skin.  It’s important to regularly use a lip balm throughout the colder months of the year, and if you really suffer from dry lips to keep up this regularity throughout spring and summer also.

My favourite product: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

4. Hand in hand with moisturising is drinking plenty of water.  I know, I know it’s what everyone says when mentioning good health!  You may roll your eyes but drinking water, tea or even squash all helps to hydrate the body and therefore the skin and lips.  If you fancy a change and want to shake things up a bit then why not try one of the new ‘health kick drinks’ now available.  A favourite of mine is birch water.

Image ikonworks

A 1930’s winter bride inspired makeup design…

Looking back over the year at some of my portfolio work, and came across this beautiful 1930’s art deco inspired winter bride.  I personally organised this styled shoot back in March 2015, at the National Trust Portland House located in Weymouth.  I wanted the makeup design to be very much my interpretation of the 1930’s party scene, with a modern twist.  As often I feel that couples want to go with a theme, but get bogged down in making it authentic – whilst they should really do their own take on the era, and make it personal to them.  Which is what I wanted to reflect in the makeup design.

I started of with the eyes and made a very basic outline of a smokey eye, then filled in the centre of lid with MAC’s glitter in gold.  I then neatly lined the eyes and used some vintage looking false eyelashes by Eylure.  Filling in the brows to a natural arch and depth, I then created a flawless base for model Chloe – using a formula I have personally created for her.  Something which I do for all of my models and clients I regularly work with.  I then swept a strong line of peach blush along the cheekbone, and used MAC’s lipstick in Rebel with MAC’s dazzleglass in Funtabulous (discontinued) over the top to finish x

Photography by Lemontree Photography

More of those gorgeous bridal lingerie previews…

Image Ikonworks Photography Suppliers The Master Builder’s at Buckler’s Hard Riot Hairdressing Event & Wedding Hair SpecialistsFrances Moore MUA Jo Hicks Flowers
Rachel Simpson Shoes Hannah Elizabeth Bridal
Pompadour Couture Lingerie Victoria Fergusson Accessories
Model Jessica JohansenIMM International Model Management )

L i n g e r i e

Watch this space for more preview images of the most gorgeous bridal lingerie shoot I have EVER been involved in! All made possible by these fab wedding suppliers…

Ikonworks Photography Riot Hairdressing Event & Wedding Hair Specialists Frances Moore MUA Hannah Elizabeth Bridal Rachel Simpson Shoes Pompadour Couture Lingerie Jo Hicks Flowers The Master Builder’s at Buckler’s Hard Victoria Fergusson Accessories and model Jessica Johansen

REPOST//Tips for growing beautiful, healthy nails for your wedding

I have a confession to make.  I am a reformed nail biter!  I’m not going to lie it took a lot of patience and time to kick this lifetime habit.  And it all started with starting to plan my wedding and wanting to make sure my nails (which were in a sorry mess at the time) were not going to let me down.  Especially as my good friend and wedding photographer Mia mentioned that she would be taking a few ‘wedding ring’ shots, which immediately spurred me into action!  Don’t get me wrong there were plenty of relapses on the lead up to the wedding, as no wedding is completely stress free!  I learnt a lot of things along the way that helped me kick this naughty habit and now I’m going to share them with you x

Let’s get started!

1. Buy the wedding nail polish you want to wear and get excited about putting on that first coat of polish!  Often if you can visualise what your nails are going to be like by the end of your journey, then it makes it all the easier to make a good start.

2. Often our hair and nails need a little help in getting the right vitamins to them, so try adding a supplement to your daily routine.  I personally love Imedeen Derma One teamed with Imedeen Hair & Nails so my skin and nails get a kick start.  Also Perfectil is a wonder and slightly cheaper, but still as good.  Always check with your local GP before taking any supplements.

3. Get off to a good start by having a professional manicure to improve the cuticles and shape of the nails (be that with tiny nails for now!)  This will ensure good habits and make you want to keep up the good work, so that when you go back you can show off your very own homegrown nails!

4. Avoid the temptation to have false nails applied for your wedding.  I honestly don’t know why these have not been banned yet!  False nails are incredibly bad for your own nail bed – cutting off the air supply to your nails can make them brittle, yellow and left with unsightly ridges.  All those chemicals are not good for the nails, or your lungs!  There’s a reason why they all wear masks…

5. Regularly paint your nails in funky colours and either use an expensive nail polish, or top coat it in special nail biter polish which tastes awful!  Why expensive nail polish?  Well, knowing how much it cost often made me not want to bite it off at all (I definitely wanted to get my monies worth!)

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Natalie & Steve’s New Forest Wedding at Rhinefield House

What a beautiful sunny winter’s day!  Just perfect for Natalie and Steve’s New Forest wedding today.  I arrived at Natalie’s parents house for a respectable 9am start to do the makeup for the bride and bridesmaid, with Anne Burge of Simply You Bridal Hair providing her expert hair skills.  Natalie wanted a classic brown smokey eye with loads of shimmer on the inner lid, with lashings of highlighter and a burgundy lip shade.  I loved designing this winter bridal look for Natalie x

Rachel & Chris’s Sopley Mill Wedding, Dorset

Gorgeous bride Rachel and Chris got married at Dorset wedding venue Sopley Mill this summer, and what a glorious day they had for it.  Super hot and sunny!  I simply loved designing Rachel’s bridal makeup – making it all about the eyes.  These are my most favourite images of their day, beautifully captured by Mia Photography, Rachel and her beau and one with her girlies… just everything a wedding should be about x

Images Mia Photography | Makeup Frances Moore MUA | Flowers Jennifer Poynter Flowers | Venue Sopley Mill

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