Well hello there!

You’ve probably gauged by now that I bloomin’ love my job!  It takes me to places I’ve never been to before, allows me to work with the most talented wedding professionals and gives me the opportunity to play a small role in somebody’s life milestone moment… their wedding day.

Throughout my early schooling and through college I was always the ‘creative’ type.  The sort of person you’d ask to do your art homework for you!  At college, I was lucky enough to have a very inspirational Fine Art teacher who encouraged my passion and suggested I diverge more into life drawing – finding this far more captivating than painting buildings!  I found the concept of perfecting life-like skin colour fascinating and I still draw on that experience today, simply swapping my paint brush for a foundation brush.  That was the real light bulb moment when it suddenly hit me what I wanted to do for my life career… become a makeup artist.

Approximately 7 years ago, after studying for around a year and a half, I qualified as a makeup artist gaining my qualification in Makeup Artistry and Design.  I always remember one tutor’s praise of how I was particularly good at creating ‘picture perfect beauty’.  Just something that has stuck with me all these years.   Since then I’ve married the man of my dreams (doing my own wedding makeup) and we have the most beautiful daughter who is now 4 yrs!  I unconsciously made the decision to specialise in wedding makeup around 5 years ago – when my friends started to fill my diary up with their wedding dates.  Having a weakness for anything wedding related, I couldn’t resist when they would ask me to design a bespoke bridal makeup look for their big day.  So I have the class of 2004 to thank for my current career!

What inspires me:  Parisian & Italian beauty, Vintage elegance and Mexican colours & textiles.

Photography by New Forest Studio